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I’m knocking off a few little tasks in the garage – but have been doing some sailing and a good bit of actual work lately.  I pre-wired for my speakers downstairs during framing and had intended to put some old cabinet style speakers I already owned on some shelves on the far wall of the downstairs garage.  I was getting close to installing the speaker terminal plates when a friend of mine, who owed me a little money, came across a good deal on some nice wall speakers and he bought me a pair – which was pretty cool.  I got to hear his previously and was impressed with them. Because these are on an exterior wall, I had to remove some insulation and out of concern for insulation and the speaker vibration potentially shaking loose some of the blown in cellulose, I built a box out of foil backed foam insulation and, after slitting it in two so it would fit through the opening, installed that in the wall behind the speakers.  The speakers have a slight grey tint to the frame and the grill – I’m quite happy with the look.





I’ve also been researching work tables and plan on building several this weekend.  The design is neat – lightweight, mobile, but sturdy.  My shop table will have a torsion box top so it stays super flat with little chance of warping over time.  I’ll have some more detail on that next week.  Then I’ll need to really dig my heals in and start to attack some of the smaller, motivation killing, tasks that are left because they’re starting to weigh on me.


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Woah, man, enough already.

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Well, this site is in sad need of an update – but, as usual, that’s not necessarily an indication that things haven’t been happening. Quite the opposite. The Mahal has been coming along nicely as I push through tiny details (my ~favorite~ {sarcasm}). As I near the end of this project, I tend to want to keep my head down and push through these tiny laborious details ignoring just about anything else. I’m happy to report that things are totally functional up and downstairs! We found out that our main print capability in our home business was going obsolete (no more ink) in January so I’ve also had a big focus on getting the new office and new equipment functional – which is accomplished.  The new print capability will provide a lot of new fun options.  Final inspections have been signed off on by the county and, for the most part, we’re done.  I have some cleaning, a few trim details, and some touch-up paint to work on.  Downstairs will see a big cabinet project, car lift, and flooring next – but that can wait while I get the business back under control and have a little fun.  I need to weigh where the dumb-waiter stands in the project list too.  We’ll be planning for a party in January but, for now, I’m heading to Florida to do some distance sailing/racing soon. This was the first weekend in a while that I had some time to spend on the F18 double handed boat fixing some nagging issues that plagued me this year and getting it ready for a distance run around Key Largo. I also had a day to tend to the neglected paint on my poor truck with some polishing and two coats of wax….still some work to go on the truck the next evening or so – but it can sit in the garage while I work on it as time permits. Though we’ve been fortunate with some nice weather the last couple of days, I still enjoy working in the conditioned space.  A lot has taken place from finishing details, granite counter tops, water heater, trim, flooring, etc….for now, I’ll let it suffice with a bunch of photos…

Truck still needs a lot of cleaning but the water spots are gone and the paint looking really fresh.  It’s unreal how much surface area this thing has compared to my little Audi two seater:

Watchin’ a little football – this cabinet space, Garage TV/entertainment section is going to be the next major project:

My $30 dry erase board I scored recently at an auction:

One air hose reel by the back door:

I wish I had spent a little more $ on this guy – not really happy with it because it doesn’t roll up very well.

F18 getting some attention:


Upstairs desk will get some real attention soon. I thought about replacing it but I like this huge 90 degree desk shape and couldn’t find a replacement…so we’ll refresh it soon with a printed wrap (now that we have the technology!…stay tuned).

upstairs kitchenette and bathroom:




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Catch Up with the Past

by on Aug.29, 2012, under Garage Mahal

I missed a post in here with some of the fun stuff that happened downstairs…this is more of a picture post than anything…but the blue stripe is up (and looks terrific if I do say so myself). It’s still a bit of a mess downstairs and I’m hoping to work on that a little tonight by recycling the mountain of cardboard boxes. I’ll have the painter come back to paint the exposed block wall once I have the trim up. Electrical is 90% done.  We’ve got a ton of business to take care of for the next few days but I hope to get another solid day in on the floor on Labor day (which is fittingly named for my case).

My poor truck loaded down with 2300 lbs of flooring before hauling it upstairs:




The very nice and clean shaft-mounted garage door opener (the other one has yet to be installed).


We’re really happy with this color:



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Wood Underfoot

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Garage Mahal

Once again, I find myself reminded at how poor I am at estimating time.  I thought I could install the 860 square feet of flooring in a weekend with Tim’s help.  I was about 50% correct!  I selected a thicker 12mm laminate flooring for the additional durability (heavy’ish equipment) and it requires a good bit of force to get everything locked together.  It’s going very well and looks terrific…but I have to stop and shift back to some production shirt and commemorative plaque work we have coming quickly for several big events.  We can, at least, carry out the bulk of the work in the new office space as the air conditioning, lighting, and music situation is completely functional…we’re just limited to half the workspace and the bathroom isn’t functional yet.  I also went through about 6 different types of bulbs before settling in on a 50w equivalent LED PAR20 bulb.  I had thought I would wait a couple of years for the LED prices to come down a little more – but I came in a little under budget with drywall and painting so I splurged on the bulbs.  with 22 can lights, I can flood the space with (dimmable) light with an equivalent 1100 watts while consuming less than 200….and the mean time to failure on these bulbs is 23 years (at that point, 50% of them would have been exhausted).

I’ve also completed almost all of the electrical downstairs and can actually plug things in now.  I have one more garage door opener to mount…will have more information on that soon.

Cabinets mounted so we can floor around them.

Starter row of flooring.

Man, I’m glad Tim could help!

This is where we stopped after about 13 hours.

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Ohhh! the Progress!

by on Aug.20, 2012, under Garage Mahal

Things are flying now, and I’m not getting much sleep… but I finally have the building back in my own hands and have been working non-stop on fitting out the electrical, audio, and network.  I have help coming this week to starting getting the cabinet and floor installation started.  I haven’t had a chance to upload much in the way of photos, but here are a few from a week ago after the painters were (mostly) finished.  The upstairs green was after only one coat of paint so it’a little brighter and mottled than it looks now with two coats.  It’s a bold color – but we love it.

I’ve also really come to appreciate my new chalk-line laser level – this thing is super handy for installing all sorts of things from the wall striping, lighting, and soon to be the upstairs cabinets.

As business is getting ready to erupt with several large projects in the next several weeks, my focus has moved completely to the upstairs area and anything required to have the county inspections signed off so we can start moving in and setting up our production cells.  More photos soon.





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