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Bobbing for apples

by on May.13, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500, Miscellaneous

First off, you may have noticed that there’s been a rash of blowouts involving brand new kites this year. I won’t go into that that in detail. Suffice to say that that everything has or will be worked out. Seacats Orange will be using their back-up chute today…not that there will be any need for it as it’s going to be a light air day with a possible scattering of rainage. Bless their collective hearts. They may have to start playing bobbing for Gatorade bottles just to pass the time. Hopefully things will pick up as they near Cocoa. Honestly, I haven’t seen the forecast.

As of the start, there was quite a breeze from the previous dead zone that it had previously been.. There were some threatening skies quite a ways off on the horizon and maybe three distant thuder boomers but in the last fifteen minutes leading up to the horn, the dark grey bits were drifting off to the South, leaving them with much clearer skies for their journey to Cocoa. Now I’m not saying that they won’t experience some drips and drops along the way ut it seems unlikely that there will be anything  even approaching rough weather.  It was a mandatory Port start due to the Southwest wind direction which would avoid any bumps and grinds between the boats during the two tiered start.

We enjoyed the company of Nigel Pitt and Alex Shafer in a rib boat, accompanied by Sailing World magazine’s photographer extraordinaire Walter Cooper, who will have some great shots of the start and beyone, depending on how far they were able to follow.. I will see if I can find a link to the photos although they willmost likely end up on the official Sailing World site.  Interesting sidebar, He got a great shot of Seacats Orange’s kite coming unhinged and failing whilst they were in second place. Ouchie. Between John Casy and Carrie Howes’s rudder problems, Jamie Livingston’s and Jake and frank’s kite blowouts from yeasterday’s leg, it goes to show ho just how these fivkle malfunctions can really affect both class and overall finish times in a race like this.

There was no carnage between the boats during today’s start. One boat nearly flipped while double trapped and and smoking hot but they managed to pull it back in. To be honest, the long line and doule starts (even if I had been using my binoculars), wouldn’t have made much of a difference as the leaders were way out of sight very quickly. Seacats Orange caught some dirty air from Cat in the Hat and weren’t able to power up and trap out immediately while Seacats White got a bit further out and had a great start. As I said, it’s difficult to gauge  the leaders due to leangth of the lines, especially when I’memotionally invested in staicking closer to my teams.

News from Nigel on his craft has reported that at this point it seems that the fleet has divided into two factions. Roughly ten boats have opted to run up to fifteen miles out while the remainder are huggin the shore. No news on who’s in the lead and it remains a mystery which tactic will be the most favorable.  They’re all dragging a bit and it’s a good time to jus sit on the tramp and save their butts from the more unforgiving position of the hulls themselves. The upshot is that no one specifically is mangaing to heat it up. It may well be one of those days where the fleet wil arrive late enough to merit the blinky lights of the finish line which could be problematic for the newbies who aren’t cognizant of the pier near the end of the leg.  Mother has smiled on the boys (and girl)  in one respect in that there’s a fullish moon that can help improve visibility.

I’m posting this from the car so forgive any typos and may well not have a chance to get this information up until we actually arrive in Cocoa so I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. Lordy, please don’t let me have any more problems with this air card. technology giveth and technology is also a rancid bitch who taketh away. For my friends on Facebook, I was able to put up some crummy-ish phone shots from the morning’s start. In additional photo news, I now have an all purpose adapter so there should be superlative photos upcoming courtesy of Bjorns super spanky camera. Ours is just fun sized.

That’s it for now. More news of the race and highlights of our various sponsors later on today.

Bonnie…outtie for now.

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