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First day finishes

by on May.11, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500

Riddled by technical difficulties, I will apologize at the outset that there are no photos from the finish today…yet. Bjorn took a whole slew of them but we need to get them together to get them up on the site. We’re working on it…because there were definitely some Kodak moments! I was writing finishes on the notepad of my Blackberry and was only guesstimating times between finishes so for official results (with no mistakes!) check out the official Tybee 500 site.

Royal Yellow (Jay Sonnenklar and Steve Lohmayer) had a superior showing today on their I-20, leading the pack by a good five minutes ahead of Whike (Mischa Heemskerk and Eduard Zanen) and and Magic Marine (Carrie Howe and John Casey) – both on F18’s. After these podium finishers were TCDYC followed quickly by Catfever, who flipped right at the line. Props to Todd Hart for an Olympic gymnast worthy back flip off the port hull.

Shortly thereafter, it was Team Zhik and then Velocity 1. It was a drag race between Seacats Orange, Royal Green, and Royal White; but the Royal boats were closer to shore and Royal Green made it in in first, followed by a photo finish with Seacats Orange just barely eaking out a place ahead of Royal White. And I mean close…as in two or three feet.  Seacats Orange were OCS and caught some dirty air from Chums/Corpus, who were also correcting and left them starting dead last. They also nearly flipped about five miles out, which was a bit of a tense moment and they lost some time there.

Velocity 2 was the next boat to the beach followed about four minutes later by Accelerated Chaos. Newcomers to the Tybee 500, Team Adrenalin, came in next. Then Velocity 6/Team Pirates of the Chesapeake came in hot about five minutes before Royal Orange. Colin and Jared split their spinnaker straight down the middle at some point so they did quite well, considering that it was a tight spin reach all day. Roughly seven minutes after Royal Orange, Team Mooseburd rolled up about two minutes ahead of Velocity 3.

Another first time Tybee 500 sailing team, Seacats White, were the next to cross the line. They had an issue with their spinnaker halyard, which kept letting loose. Finally they tied a knot in it and kept plowing onward. Chums/Corpus were hot on the heels of Seacats Orange with Stray Cats directly behind them. Cat in the Hat were the last boat I saw come in before abandoning the beach and Velocity 4 were nowhere in sight.

All of the teams I spoke with seemed to concur that it had been a great day of sailing. None of them looked pooped out, as I have seen on so many other legs of the race over the years. In fact, most of them were smiling broadly and seemed fresh and exhilarated. I’m guessing that this good first day (with relatively few malfunctions) gave everyone a sigh of relief, both to finally get underway after days of preparation and gave them a boost with such good conditions to kick things off.

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Giants of Industry

by on May.11, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500

I’d like to take a moment to post the first in a series to acknowledge our generous sponsors. We’re extremely fortunate to have the support of the Red Valve Company who, together with their divisions Tide Flex and RKL Controls, are manufactures pinch valves, check valves, pressure sensors, slurry knifegates, expansion joints, and diffuser valves. To be honest, I am one little lady who doesn’t know much about this sort of thing; but I’m certain all of you technically inclined fellows out there are dialed in to the lingo.

Founded in 1953, Red Valve is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylania. Their initial order was for the first coal slurry pipeline, the result of which led to the creation of the inaugeral pipeline of its type. They are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of pinch valves, servicing municipalities and industrial plants throughout the world. They manage flow applications for such industries as power and wastewater treatment plants, mining, pulp and paper mills, the food industry, and many, many more. You can find out more about their company by visiting their site, linked above.

Series 5200 Control Valve on a dirty water pumping line at a western Pennsylvania coal fired power plant.

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Hooray for Hollywood

by on May.11, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500

There are 19 sets of beach wheels already on the beach, anticipating the sailors’ arrival. Word from John Williams (as the official Tybee 500 blogger and the man “in the know”) says that the guys have passed the halfway mark and it’s estimated that they’ll be in between 4:30 and 5pm. The sea breeze has kicked in and the wind is out of the South so they’re enjoying a spin run in great conditions. It’s a gorgeous day here in Hollywood and the teams should be pleased with their long haul in such good weather. Our ground crew is hitting the beach where Daryl will attempt to even out the big red splotch on his shoulder that failed to receive sunblock during preparations.

Speaking of splotches, I was bummed when I got a massive stress zit just before the trip. A second eruption (what my friend Katie calls an underground pounder) is on the way to keep it company. As long as the first one’s not lonely and has someone to play with then I’m content. Maybe soon I’ll have a whole village of spots. We can only hope.

More to come as soon as I hear anything.

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P.S. Big rocket thingies are called shuttles

by on May.11, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500, Miscellaneous

Ater a fantastic dinner last night at Morada Bay Cafe, we shot back to the hotel room where the guys took care of the last minute preparations such as filling their Camelbacks water systems, programming GPS coordinates, and contending with general pre-race hubbub. Our guys, and probably all the team, were antsy to get the show on the road, or on the water, more like.

I have to apologize for spacing out that this first leg is to Hollywood and not Jupiter as I sorta inferred yesterday. Though I will be pleased to find myself at the Jupiter Beach Resort (, the last several Tybee 500’s have begun set-up and the first day of the race by sailing south for a round trip sail to Fowey Rocks. It’s a lovely hotel as well. They have a great spa, though I don’t believe I’ll have time to patronize that establishment today!

Let me stop for a moment to say that I have been texting so often lately (Hi Kar!) that it’s making it difficult to type normally. I don’t have to simultaneously hit alt to make a period, contractions (dont) don’t automatically fix themselves, and holding down the key for a second longer doesn’t turn the letter into an upper case…it only makes for a line of the same letter, which iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii find very confusing at this point. It’s harshing my flow, in the parlance of our times.

Back to the reason for the season: It was a good and steady start on the water this morning. No one seemed to walk away from the pack. As it was such a long line, a couple of teams (Team Seacats Orange, Team Chums,  JC and Carrie, that I know of) were over the line early, or at least thought they might have been and so some corrected themselves.

The breeze is steady out of the South Southeast which will give the boys a chance at a hearty spinnaker run up to Hollywood, approximately 85 miles away. Photos will be forthcoming, as Bjorn has a much better zoom. That’s all for now. Speak to you again up the road.

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Shakedown run

by on May.10, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500

Team Seacats Orange launching for practice day

Team Seacats Orange, Zhik, Royals White and Green, Velocity 1 & 2, Accelerated Chaos, and a few other boats are now on the water, with the rest of the fleet just about ready to take make a shakedown run…after navigating some treacherous rocks here at the launch site. Frank and Jake are planning about a 45 minute test drive to make certain that everything’s in good working order on the General Lee. I know, it’s not Team Tybee’s boat anymore, but it’s bad juju to rename a boat. The wind has picked up to around 11 knots, if I had to guess, so that’s good news. They really need to be able to push the boats a bit today in order to anticipate settings. Some guys, like Mischa and Rob, are on totally new boats (new to them, anyway) and it’s important to get the feel of the it, test their pointing ability and such to see what could possibly be optimized for the Big Day tomorrow.

Since I didn’t know until today, Mischa and Rob are sponsored by Whike, which is a Dutch company that produces street legal recumbent tricycles powered by a sail. Check them out. So now when I mention Whike, you’ll know who I mean.

I would be posting some lovely photos at this point but something funky is going on with either the settings on the camera or the new memory stick. They’re on Flickr (click on Photos toward the left margin of this page or just click here) but look teensy tiny and I don’t know why. Alas, alack. I’ll get it figured out by tomorrow.

Oopsie. Never mind, I got it now. 🙂

Palm tree shadow that I liked

Mischa Heemskerk of Team

Mike Krantz and Dave Lennard of team Zhik

Man candy (Chris Burd of Accelerated Chaos)

My cutie pie: John Williams

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