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In the beginning…

by on May.03, 2009, under 2009 Tybee 500

One of the most exciting factoids about the 2009 Tybee 500 is the fact that there are currently 23 boats registered…far more than the past few years. This will amp up the level of competition as well as camaraderie with more fine sailors assembled working toward the same goal of getting to the great vacation destination of Tybee Island, Georgia, just outside of Savannah.

The Team Seacats sailing teams this year are Frank Moore and Jake Kohl on the orange boat (the “General Lee” once belonging to Team Tybee) Chris Zander and David Strickland on the white boat. This is Frank’s 7th consecutive year of racing in the Tybee 500, while Jake began in 2004 through the upcoming event, although he took off last year to work as Ground Crew, with Mike Ferrara sailing alongside Frank. All of the Team Seacats competitors are avid sailors (both monohull and catamaran) with decades of experience between them. This will be the first year of actual racing in the Tybee 500 for Chris and David, although they have served gallantly as Ground Crew for many years. It’s good to finally see these two “gentle giants” on a boat! I mean it, these guys are tall. Of course, this is coming from a woman who barely surpasses the five foot mark. Their goal is to finish the race, but I’m sure they will do great!

One major difference this year is the inclusion of eight F-18’s in the fleet. The rest of the boats, of course, are I-20’s. To my understanding, the boats will be judged by class then handicapped together for an overall winner. This should make for some interesting sailing, depending upon the wind conditions and directions hurled at them throughout the legs of the race. For those not involved in the sailing community (also known as landgrabbers), the following is what I know about some of the differences between the two models. Please note the overarching caveat that I am not much of a technical minded sailor and oftentimes simply repeat, to the best of my ability, what I’ve learned from someone else. So take it easy on me.

The F-18 is a box rule, development boat, meaning that it can be tweaked into any Frankenstein creation (think mix ‘n’ match sails, masts, etc.) as long as it falls within certain basic parameters. The I-20, on the other hand, is a factory boat, all having the same, approved equipment and hardware from the one manufacturer (also known as a SMOD, or single manufacturer one design) While the I-20 is a fine ocean boat that can benefit from light winds due to overall sail area, it can suffer upwind in heavy air when the focus on depowering (which adds drag, and is also called sail dumping) provides resistance and hampers their performance. Conversely, the F-18 excels in heavy air upwind due to better optimized sail shapes. Therefore, the overall winner may very well be determined by the whims of Mother Nature and Uncle Wind Direction.

As usual the race organizer is Tybee Island resident Chuck Bargeron and the PRO (Principle Race Officer) is Sean Ferrell. The Tybee 500 crew always do a superior job running this race and we anticipate another great race this year. As part of the Team Seacats ground crew, we hope to see as many friends and supporters as possible at the various stops along the way. Please stop by and say Hello. See you soon!

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