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Team Seacats is a catamaran sailboat racing team focused on racing events all over North America. The pinnacle of our season is currently the Tybee 500 distance race where we sail 523 miles from the southern tip of Florida to Tybee Island, GA…on a 20′ exposed beach cat. We also sail closed course races in the very popular and competitive Formula 18 Catamaran class. Our Team has been honed over the last several years and although our racing around courses sees various sailors racing with Jake, our distance racing team is a highly experienced and terrific group that enjoys the challenges and commitment that races like these require.

Team Seacats was formed by Jake Kohl and David Mosley (Columbia, SC) at the end of 2003 in order to compete in the 2004 Tybee 500 where they built experiences for a lifetime and realized the full challenge of undertaking such a race. The 2005 Tybee 500 saw Team Seacats with a late entry as Jake was invited to sail with Worrell 1000 veteran, Carl Roberts, as part of Sailmax 2 (Bonnie did the Team Seacats reporting). The following year found Frank Moore (previously Team Windy Hill) looking for a skipper and Jake looking for a distance boat. Frank and Jake got together and put together significant resources to rebuild and refresh Frank’s blue Nacra 20. To be competitive, both Frank and Jake, realize the importance of having a boat that is tuned and prepared to be reliable. It’s also easy to underestimate the stress that a 523 mile distance race requires of a team whether they work on or off the water. The 2006 Team that literally fell together, proved to be a healthy team that solidified on day one. Bonnie, Daryl, Tim, and Jim (Jake’s Dad) helped put Frank and Jake into 3rd place overall for the race – quite a feat considering that Frank and Jake had never set foot on a boat together prior to the start of this race. The same team is back for 2007 and we’re hoping we can be fortunate enough to match or exceed our previous performance.

Jake Kohl– Greenville, SC

Jake Kohl started sailing in 2000 after one day of racing with a friend on a monohull sport boat (an SRmax). Since then, Jake has owned a Nacra 5.2, Hobie 18, Nacra 6.0NA, and a Nacra F18 which is actively campaigned in closed course racing. Jake initially focused on distance racing and found that the time on the boat (and some night sailing) helped him to gain a feel for making a boat fast in a straight line. Shortly thereafter, he focused on buoy racing to try and hone the more technical aspects of racing. Now Jake spreads his effort between distance racing the Nacra 20 with Frank and buoy racing in the highly competitive Formula 18 class with an assortment of other talented sailors.

Jake is a Sales Engineer with Hartness InternationalHartness International is a custom machinery manufacturer that serves case packing, bottling, and automated production industry.

Frank Moore – Pittsburgh, PA

Frank Moore learned to sail on an Aqua Cat when he was about 12 years old.  He quickly graduated to a Hobie 14, then a Hobie 16 and participated in bouy races whenever possible.  Frank once owned a Pearson 30 on the South River in Maryland and frequently raced and sailed on the Chesapeake Bay in the northeast USA.  Together with J.D. Soloman, Frank created Team Windy Hill to race in the inaugural Tybee 500 in 2003. The 2007 Tybee 500 will be Frank’s fifth consecutive Tybee 500 and the second running with Jake as Team Seacats.

Frank is a Partner in the law firm of Mansmann & MooreMansmann &  Moore is a civil litigation law firm handling individual claims for medical malpractice, bodily injury, civil rights violations, and disability claims.

Tim Owens– Greenville, SC
(Ground Crew – Team Manager)

Tim Owens, a.k.a. “the man with the smile”, first joined Team Seacats for the 2005 Tybee 500 by assuming a beach position with Jake and Carl in the last minute offer to team up with Tim brings extensive boat rigging experience, rule experience, extreme patience, and a fierce attention to detail to the team. Tim has been sailing and racing catamarans for years and has associated with some of the best in the field.

Daryl Moss– Branford, CT
(Ground Crew – Pusher / Backup Sailor)

Daryl Moss has been racing catamarans and involved with the premier catamaran distance races for years. He brings a background of rigging and sailing experience to the team and fills the roll of backup sailor. Daryl’s size and strength are of great value as we are allowed one person to assist pushing the boat through the beach surf for each day’s start. The 2007 Tybee 500 will also mark the 5th consecutive Tybee 500 that he has performed as ground crew and as backup sailor and the second consecutive time with Team Seacats. Daryl is highly regarded as one of the most friendly, selfless, and dependable persons on the beach and will often be seen helping competitor boats come in or solve a problem.

Daryl is the Operations Manager and Mechanical Engineer at Seaside NaturalsSeaside Naturals is a growing company that specializes in all natural non-toxic cleaning and body care products.

Bonnie Kohl– Greenville, SC
(Ground Crew – Logistics / Reporting)

The brains behind the brawn, Bonnie first worked with Team Seacats in the 2005 Tybee 500 and hit the beach with a laptop and camera blogging (before blogging was ‘in’) race information to the web and scooping most everyone. Bonnie is responsible for bringing an incredible flood of traffic to the Team Seacats site with her writing. She also handles the tricky logistics of the operation of the race making sure everyone gets where they need to be and that everything is in place. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jake is Bonnie’s husband and she is certainly gracious in her understanding and patience for all the time Jake spends on this website and racing catamarans. 😉

Bonnie operates Designworks Custom Vinyl and SignsDesignworks is a growing company that provides all the graphics for Team Seacats.

In addition to the racing, we have a lot of hobbies that are central to sailing and fiberglass / carbon fiber construction. We try to post logs of any boat repairs (some pretty major), improvements, findings, or projects undertaken. We also blog interesting videos and images that pertain to the sport of sailing and/or composite construction.

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