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by on Jun.21, 2012, under Garage Mahal

Aaaahhhh…I think I’m cracking open a $16 bottle of beer tonight that I’ve been hanging onto for a while.  I passed both my plumbing and electrical inspection with only a minor thing to fix…I had missed caulking a couple of upstairs top plate electrical penetrations but the inspector signed off on it and asked that I get that taken care of before insulating.  I’m surprised at how anxious I was about that – I feel like a weight has been lifted!  I had kinda hoped to get some kudos from the inspector for the effort I put in – but he was pretty matter-of-fact about the thing.  No problems, his signature said it all!  He then gave me instruction to call them back once the insulation is in to sign off on the framing…but my building contractor had taken care of those permits and I’m quite sure the framing permit was inspected and closed.  I’m not quite sure what to do there but the inspector said he would look into it and that I should give him a call in the morning for some instruction.

new-2 new-1

Unfortunately my insulation contractor can’t get out here for about two weeks…so, maybe I’ll head to the lake for a little R&R at some point.

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